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I love Hancock

Jul. 21st, 2008 | 10:48 pm

I saw Hancock recently, and I must say, that I loved the movie, and it made me love Will Smith even more. 

It was hilarious, though a bit graphic when it came to that part where John Hancock literally stuck the guy's head up the other guy's ass. But overall, I loved the movie. I thought it was a good idea for someone so idealistic to come along and help the guy become a real superhero. 

But I thought Mary and her story was a bit random... She was left him, and told him to go away because she was "finally happy". I mean, what does he get out of it? I didn't even see anything like them even kissing coming along! Because sure they had looked at each other and gave each other... meaningful glances, and then they DID kiss--but when she came out with that story, it seemed more random for me. I just thought Mary didn't like him or saw him on the streets, or maybe she was one of the woman that he had ... "flirted with" (pulled at her skirt or something). 

Although I was a bit disappointed at the ending, how it kinda left some unanswered questions. Where is Hancock going to live? What was the real reason as to why Mary left him? 

Maybe it's just me, but I was confused, because I never heard her say WHY. She was screaming that she hated him, but later on while he's in the hospital, she was saying about all those times where he saved her. They seemed pretty happy... >.> "I've had to deal with you for the past 3,000 years!" It seems to me that it should've been the other way around? What did Hancock do to her? Maybe I missed a scene...

Anyways, I'm really glad such a community exists, so I'm not the only one who kinda wants to write a fanfic for Hancock. ^_^ I'm not sure what to write about as I usually can never write anything other than "romance"/fluff, and I don't really think Mary and Hancock should be together. And I'm not good at writing gay fics (Ray+Hancock, but they do have more chemistry than any other Canon pairings. But there isn't even a chance for crack pairings. Who else IS there? XD).

Group "PhotoShoot"?

Jun. 17th, 2008 | 06:50 pm
location: Home
mood: anxious anxious
music: Niji-Aqua Timez

So, me and my friends are gonna do a PhotoShoot. No professionals, of course. We're still teenagers. I can't afford a DSLR, probably. D: I have a Sony DSC-T70, which is good enough for US, because it has 8.1 megapixels. Decent... right?

I would LOVE a professional camera, but as I'm not a professional photographer, there shouldn't be a definite need. Besides, I am LOST when people start going off about their model names. D: I don't understand all those letters and numbers--put in those orders anyway. D:

I've gathered several people as "models" (and not the catwalking kind, mind you!):

Emily (after much begging and pouting), Victoria, Natalie, Zhongmei, Angel, Duyen, and Mary. =D

And several other people, such as Bianca, Zoe, and I are going to do the others along with the help of the models. 8D!!

This is for fun only, but if I like it enough, I would really love to make prints. 

It's gonna be a big project, but I think it's do-able. So far the themes are: Asian, Business-ydress... D:


I also want some Blick-quick buttons. 8D

Oh! Me, Emily and Lori got 100$ each from the Seevak competition, at our school, but we only got Honorable Mentions, so yeah. i think Everyone got some type of award, and I personally kinda suspect that we came in "last". 

Hmm, don't really know what else to say...

Zettai Kareshi and Gokusen 3

Jun. 1st, 2008 | 01:41 pm
music: Okaeri -Ayaka

This is more like a rant on the dramas that I'm watching, rather than a post about my life, because my life is currently... boring. I seem to be failing life, as well as school 8D. But I'm determined to not get aprobation again this term. I'm pissed off, because the last two terms I didn't make it, because the 3rd term, I got a C+ in Declamation (RAWR) and then a C+ in Math (GRRR.)

Anyways. Grades and school and drawing and my parents rule over my life. (Shrug.) That's not gonna change for... probably another 20 years. D: Well, actually, except for the drawing thing. That's going to rule over my life... for... about...

Forever. D:


Has anyone WATCHED Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend)? It makes me want to read the manga, but I took a look at the manga, and because they look SO different, I'm kinda reluctant to. I'm finished on Episode 6 (and that's all that SARS-Fansubs have released so far) and I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE. In those 6 episodes, it has made me tear up so much, because I feel so BAD for Night! 

Before I keep on ranting about useless stuff, so that you'll understand me (if you're reading this), here's a summary on Zettai Kareshi:

Izawa Riiko is looking for a boyfriend, and is offered the chance for a free 5-day trial of the Ideal Lover. She fills out a survey and the next day she is sent a "robot" that is supposed to be the Ideal Boyfriend she "ordered". She awakes him with a hesitant kiss, and her life is for a change as she now "owns" Tengo Night, her ideal boyfriend, a robot. 

Her boss, Asamoto Soshi also develops feelings for her, but as no one else knows that Night is a robot, they all assume that Night really is Riiko's boyfriend. Riiko being a "shy" and chaste girl always denies this and claims that he is her "cousin". Night, at first seems very robotic, as he only says what he's supposed to say. He really does seem like the perfect boyfriend, but Riiko always thinks he's annoying. However, as the story progresses, he starts to develop human characteristics. 

Namikiri, the scientist who developed him, gets worried, but he seems to care a lot for Night (who's "real" name is 01). Riiko and Night must get along well, for him to be able to mass-produce 01 Robot Lovers. 

There's so much more, but that's a bit of a long summary already SO. 

There's like one main story, of Riiko and Soshi and Night-- a love triangle. Then there's Soshi personal story of trying to sell cream puffs. And then Namikiri must deal with the technological troubles of Night and his boss must be satisfied in order to be able to mass produce them. 

And, of course, there's the jealous girl antagonist person, blahblah. =D I personally don't like her or the actor D:
The Actors:

Mizushima Hiro as Asamoto Soshi
Aibu Saki  as Iwaza Riiko
Hayami Mokomichi as Tengo Night 

Ending Theme Song: Okaeri by Ayaka

And that's all you should care about 8D

GOD, THIS DRAMA MADE ME CRY. It's like Frankenstein (from what I know of it)! Like the poor robot just wants her to love him and starts getting REAL emotions towards her! GAH. He has a perfect body and he loves her and is completely devoted to her. She's touched, but seriously. She usually pushes him away. D: He deserves a kiss. He really does. 

GOKUSEN 3 (Damn, it's a TRILOGY now!)
Oh goodness a whole 'nother season of Yankumi and hot guys XD! Even Mizushima (from up there) was in it!! GASP and MatsuKen, MatsuJun, Narimiya, Hayami Mokomichi (up there too), Koike Teppei, Kame, Jin (Bakanishi), and SO MANY OTHERS. 

I can't wait for the rest of the episodes, because I finished ep4 too. =D I love Niji by Aqua Timez (and the one by Nino--from ARASHI--too). 

Gokusen doesn't need a summary. 
It's just about  Yankumi who's the daughter of a mafia headboss, and wants to become a teacher, and she always gets the troubled class, and they go through fights. They respect. They become best friends, and maybe one or two "fall in love with her yet never come back in the next series except for Kuma except he doesn't like her". 

Yeah. It's the SAME EXACT THING FOR EACH SEASON. SERIOUSLY. But I love it so much ^^! 

The manga is still going on so I recommend you check it out. 
BUT BEWARE. UCHI GOES ALL UGLY ON YOU IN THE MANGA /ANIME XD! Thank God for Oguri Shun's quite decent good looks. 

Yukie Nakama- Yankumi. Duh. 

Um. Yeah. Don't know the rest so far. D: 

But I'm seriously IN LOVE with Zettai Kareshi. It's the only drama I've watched yet, that made me CRY that bad. Probably because the guy's just so sweet. And 'Okaeri' really gets to you. (sniffs)

Th-Tha-Th-Tha-That's all, folks!

Downtown, Boston=FUN,PAIN,etc

Apr. 20th, 2008 | 12:05 am
mood: giddy giddy
music: WhyWhyLove-KingOne/ShugoCharaep7

Yeah. For me, for today, and for my cousins and I, Downtown DID equal fun and at the same time pain--mostly in the fetal area. 

Gah. I swear we walked like 3 miles. First, in the morning,w e had to get everything settled out. Lots of boring details, you REALLY don't care about. 

In the end, my cousin, Theresa came over, and then after an hour or so my dad drived us over to John's house. (Both are my cousins.) I thought we were going to go right away to downtown, especially since it was early in the morning 10:30-ish, and I thought it would be good to be early, and since my dad could drive us if we wanted to. But apparently, John said it would be too early. So we went to his house and decided to simply just stay there until about 12:00 and then we would go by subway. 

Jimmy and Joseph were also there, and they were just watching How It's Made. Afterwards, Theresa, Jimmy and John played some Wii (Smash). I was never a video-game person. Jimmy gave me the Rubik's cubic. He's pretty good at it, compared to me. I was always stuck with two missing squares. He tried to help me, while playing, but I'm pretty much useless and gave up. 

Afterwards, we helped their mom with the groceries, and she bought us some fried rice. Then we looked through this really cool book of optical illusions--there were about 50 "impossible" shapes in there though. 

Jimmy and Joseph weren't going to come with us to downtown sadly, so at about 12:00 we went on our trek to a "nearby" train station. We finally arrived, going into Macy's to wait for John's friend--whom we still didn't know the name of, because John refused to tell me and Theresa. 

About 20 minutes later, we finally found John's friend (apparently, his name is something "Atochoro"??), and I have to admit...he was a bit odd. Dressed in a trench coat on a seemingly warm-ish day...also, he shook our hands, and said "Nice to meet you". We didn't hear an introduction, but found out later, that we must've just not heard it. 

(Later on, he wore a hat, and we felt like we were walking with a detective.)

All in all, we went into H&M, Marshalls, American Eagle Outfitters, and some other ones--but the only one who bought something was John (a white belt, and a funky tie). Though me and Theresa took our time picking out some cute tops and going into the dressing room, we didn't buy anything. 

Then, feeling somewhat tired and slightly hungry, we decided it was time to go eat. John had set out a plan basically, earlier, and we were "scheduled" to eat at Fire + Ice. It took... QUITE A LONG TIME, and every time we asked him if we were close he would say "No". 

Sadly, we eventually reached it, and I was quite excited to go in, finally--several exasperated customers walked out announcing "two hour-wake". I was confused--a wake? As in a death? But I didn't ask, and so we trekked on. At a point, John stopped and asked us where we wanted to eat. The Prudential or the Newbury ...cafe thingy. We wanted the Newbury place. So, we walked all the way back, and this was the time that Atochoro had to go home and we bid him farewell. 

We eventually figured we were lost, looked on a map and decided to go to the Prudential. It took another 20 minutes to get to the California Pizza Kitchen, and when we got there, it was PACKED. THey said it would take about another 25 minutes to get us in. It was an HOUR. Got there at 6:10 and were finally seated at 7:15. Took another 15 minutes for anyone to try to take our order. Though, he simply asked us if we wanted drinks and left. We called another person to ask what "cilantro" was, because it was a VERY important factor in deciding what to order, and she asked "Did someone greet you?" And John tried to explain "Yeah someone greeted us but he didn't--" and then she left. Laughing, we were very ...appalled at the restaurant. Though, it was packed. There were several empty tables, but no one else was being called in. The service wasn't the best, and the food was ...decent. I ordered the Chinese Chicken Salad. Quite... yucky--as far as my tastes go. John ordered salmon and Theresa ordered Chicken Milanese (which she mispronounced but the waiter corrected her). 

While waiting for about 45 minutes, we talked and began to worry. It was getting darker. What seemed like hours later, the food arrived, and I quickly got sick of my dish. My cousins were kind enough to give me some of theirs, and in the end Theresa got tired of hers, and so we traded. Feeling bad, I decided to treat everyone to desert. Theresa and I shared a Chocolate Souffle Cake, and John, a Caramel Sundae. 

It arrived much more quickly than I had thought, and it was the best thing there I believe. the Chocolate Souffle Cake was quite good, mixing the hot brownie with frothing surrounding it, and on the side a scoop of vanilla ice cream and everything was decorated with skinny dashes of hot fudge. John's large goblet of caramel and ice cream and whipped cream needed both Theresa's and my expertise. >.> 

While we had finished ours off, John had barely cleaned the part that was over the top of the cup. It melted for the most part, and soon afterwards he was shaking with the ... sugar intake. (John is not the type to kid about stuff like that--seriously.) 

It was quite late, and through a lot of slight mayhem we had gotten home. 

The funny part was, we met one of John's friends along the way. He was Indian, and John asked him what he thought of "his friends" (me and Theresa--we were both walking on either side of him, as he knew the way). Lol. His friend looked at us and then to John and said, "They're your cousins aren't they?" 

Then there was another Asian boy named Ryan, and I thought it was really cool that he met so many of his friends here. Then on the other side of the train station, were several Chinese kids and they all shouted to Ryan and then I laughed even harder. 

In the end, my dad dropped John off at his home and Theresa came to my house and just left. 

Today was good. ^^!


Nov. 23rd, 2007 | 08:13 pm
location: my seat
mood: weh weh
music: Dong Jie- JJ LIN

Yeah... It's terrible, but I knew it was coming down to this. Weh. 

Shin Goon and ChaeKyung got together and not Yul!! Poor Yul. Felt so bad for him. This part was really sad: 

ChaeKyung: "I've decided to leave the palace."
Yul: "Really? You've decided to leave with me?"
ChaeKyung: "My decision has nothing to do with you."
Yul: =,( (teary face)

awww!!!! That was so mean. And she told him not to wait for her if they ever met again, and he said, "Why can't I?" 
I know it sounds really corny but it was sooo sad!! TT-TT 

Oh yeah, HAPPY THANKSGIVING !! ^^ Gobble gobble up all the food people. 


So yeah. 

I actually have a blogdrive up, but it's not running. Well not yet. I only have the template so far which is very sad. By the end of the weekend hopefully I'll have most of my websites (freewebs, blogs, and... this one) all coolie. prolly not. At least my blog though. Oh and I have a xanga. Not sure if I even remember it. I also have like four other blogdrives but I couldn't remember my account so whatever. 

The blog is www.naito-kei.blogdrive.com 

Anyways, I'm going to go and write a Yul and ChaeKyung story because I usually like pairiings that don't have a lot of other fans/don't have a lot of fanfics written about them. SO... 
Yul is BEAUTIFUL! Just had to say that. 

ERM... WAIT... I need help. 
Anybody know how to fix my template? I am so mentally challenged >.> The template on my blogdrive ... the link is up there ^ 
I feel so stupid. Don't know anything about html or ccs or whatever. So yeah. I just copied and pasted it XD But maybe the problem is that the skin isn't for that kind of blog >.>


Nov. 12th, 2007 | 06:13 pm
location: on a chair in front of a comp in a house on a street
mood: giddy giddy

Omg, this man is absolute love. Lately, I've started watching Goong/Imperial Palace/Princess Hours, and I was addicted to him the first time I saw him. O.O!!

He is beautiful XD and not only that his voice is absolutely AMAZING. Plus his songs are really catchy.

Sigh, I wonder how I could not have heard of him before I watched Goong?!? He's just so cute and adorable in Goong~ That's one of the main reasons why I'm even watching it lol! Though if Yul (him) ends up with Hyorin *I'm only on Episode 9* then I swear I'm going to stop watching AND THEN write a long sophisticated and strongly worded letter to the producer/director/writer/whatever and DEMAND, not ask, DEMAND and COMMAND them to rewrite it XD

So if anyone has finished it, NO ONE BETTER SPOIL ANYTHING FOR ME!! 

And I'm rooting for Yul all the way, honestly. I hope he gets to be the Crown Prince, and marries ChaeKyung, because honestly I don't think Shin Goon deserves to get what he gets AGAIN. I like Shin Goon, but if it was him or Yul I'd choose Yul. Honestly, I don't know why ChaeKyung likes Shin Goon--obviously he's secretly nice but cold on the outside and all girls in dramas/anime/mangas fall in love with guys like those, but Yul is so kind-hearted though he seems to have a darker side too! And he's so tragic I'd cry if ChaeKyung and Shin Goon truly end up together--just because they're married, doesn't mean that they're officially "together"!

But at the same time, I'm starting to dislike Hyorin--at first I thought she was a tragic character too. She still is, but at the same time, I feel she's almost a bit selfish, and I can almost swear that she's going to trick poor ChaeKyung and do something to the royal couple's relationship. Not only that, she refused Shin Goon's proposal, and now she's all trying to get close with him. hat the hell?
I hope that nice guy from the rich kids' group--the one with the cell phones?--ends up together with Hyorin, it's so obvious that he likes her. 

So anyways, I think Kim Jung Hoon's voice is super ... well for lack of a better word, "smooth"? Well it's so nice, I would love to fall asleep to it. His smile makes you melt. 

What's also pretty funny... He was a 26 year old acting as 19 year old. WHOA. 

Honestly though none of them looked like it. They all looked at least 23... 

Hm... So yeah.


Oct. 23rd, 2007 | 07:26 pm
mood: aggravated aggravated
music: Love Under Microscope by Huang Yida/ Nippon Ainiikuyo Speed Vers. GOLF MIKE

Hello people! Er, what would you guys (if anyone is hopefully reading this!) think about me posting up one of my stories up here? It's not that great, and very fangirly, 50% cheesy, and 100% about DBSK... and "You". Yes it is in 2nd person! Whoo!

Yes, I was trying to be "cool" XD, I was inspired by someone's other story. I admit, I kinda stole the idea of someone meeting DBSK, and having Jaejoong as a childhood friend, but my friend decided it was Jaejoong to be the childhood friend okay? But for the rest, it's basically different. I mean, they aren't long-lost. The actual story begins after "you" are well acquainted with the rest of DBSK. 
ANYWAYS... it's my most accomplished story--mostly because it's about DBSK, and there are over a million DBSK fangirls everywhere! XD

It's pretty far along too, I'm on -File 16 now!! ^^ If you want a peek at it, then go to www.midnite-silver.deviantart.com Well it's hardly a peek, because you can find all of them there, as in all of the chapters, but whatever.

Anyways, you guys wanna hear something that really annoys me? In ELA, there's this guy whom doesn't like to draw and we had to illustrate our paragraph. So he goes, "But art isn't a way of life or anything, music is!" That made me mad. It really did. I'm not gonna rant. But yeah. 
IF ANYONE IS ON DEVIANTART FRIEND ME! Btw, I also run a GOLF MIKE and NICE 2 MEET U Club there so... yeah ^^


What Do You Have To Say? - Small Business: My Own Business

Oct. 16th, 2007 | 08:36 pm
music: Precious One- KATTUN

If you could start your own business, what would it be?

For sure, I would open an Asian-inspired store. Full of Asian celebrities, CDs, posters, magazines, collectibles. Plus Asian-inspired clothing, cosplaying stuff, what not, anime collectibles. Manga, anime DVDs, and whatnot. And maybe upstairs would be Asian cuisine ^^!
Asian whatever! Plushies, pencils, notebooks, anything! But it's all centered around Asia (no I'm not racist).

And maybe sell my friend's totally awesome fashions (she's already started making her own clothes--and she's only 13!!)!!!! Yeah. That would be a dream come true for me.

what's NEWS with me! XD

Oct. 16th, 2007 | 06:01 pm
location: in my house
mood: neutral
music: Fei Kai Yi Hou by Danson Tang, The Killer by JJ Lin.

Yes, please excuse the terribly horrid pun in the title.
Well, if you know NEWS, the Japanese band (currently consisting of Yamapi, Masuda, Tegoshi, Shige, Ryo, Kusano), then you'll get it.

Anyways, there's been a lot of stress from school for me, just because the overload or projects and homework and all that.

Currently my obsession is...

Yes, that is them in my avatar.
And no, they're wearing lipstick. At least, I highly hope not.
They're just naturally that beautiful. Yes. Beautiful. And they're GUYS. And they're NOT gay, or anything else.

And then, one of my favoritest artists ever now must be JJ Lin. The man is a genius. I love all of his songs!! And they're all so catchy! The Killer is... just... soooooooo awesome XD

Don't have much on my mind. There's so much stuff going on, I can't even begin.
But I'm in this club where there's a lot of Asian bands, such as Golf Mike, Kat-Tun, NEWS, DBSK, etc...

And... Yeah XD

Bored, Obsessed... and Lazy

Aug. 1st, 2007 | 10:17 pm
location: here, duh
mood: relaxed? relaxed?
music: Feel Your Breeze by V6

Gah. There's no other way to say it. I'm bored. B-O-R-E-D.

Well, my parents are taking me and my cousins to Water Country this weekend but so far this summer, I haven't actually GONE anywhere. I do go out of my house, obviously, but I haven't gone out of the state... yet.

Lately, I've been going through a Gokusen-obsession, and I guess it stopped me from reading the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows in one day. I love Harry Potter. When I was in the 4/5th grade, I was obsessed (of course), and I memorized random scenes from the book.

Does anyone know Gokusen? The anime, manga, or J-dorama? I've gotten to see them all, but am too lazy to actually read the manga >.>

The drama was the best so far. Yankumi's so funny! And Shin (played by the lovable MatsuJun) was so much better in the dorama than in the anime. Oguri Shun, Noda (whatever his real name is), Matsumoto Jun, Nakame Yukie, KenIchi Matsuyama (even if he didn't have a big part) were my favorite actors. Shun is so cute in Hana Kimi (Japan) too!

Gokusen 2 was funny, but I still missed Shin. Kame, Koike (?), and Jin were too cute. I love Jin in the NGs. "Everyone stupid?!" "Yeah--wait what?"

Ah, after watching Gokusen, I thought Jun was so cute! Because as Shin he was so monotous... and I just loved seeing him smile. In Bambino so enthusiastic!! Soooo cute! I wanna watch Kimi wa Petto, but the girl's ugly. Same with Hana Yori Dango. So I'm gonna watch Meteor Garden--same thing except uglier guys. I laughed so hard when Jun did his "Level Up Pop Dance"! Too funny... And in Bambino when he bumped into 2 gangsters, he's just like "sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry!!" XD

If anyone is a lover of dramas, GO TO CRUNCHYROLL.COM --Oh and visit my profile for suggestions on what to watch.